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Using the Accounting Tab

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From the My Account window users can place orders and make deposits and withdrawals. This window also has overall totals for the trading account and for the current contract that you have open in the Chart Window.

Accounting Date: Date the current chart is played to.

Open Futures P/L: Profit/Loss on futures positions that are open.

Open Options P/L: Profit/Loss on open Option trades.

Total Open P/L: Total profit/loss of all open positions, options and spreads.

Total Realized P/L: Total profit/loss of all closed options, futurs positions and spread orders.

Cash Balance: Currently available cash balance.

Account Equity: Account value ignoring currently used margin and including all open P/L, Commissions, Withdrawals and Deposits.

Margins Requirements: Current margin requirement for placed trades and maintaining these open positions.

Usable Margin: Available cash balance to be used for margin.




Placing Orders From My Account Tab

Open the My Account tab in the Control Panel. Click on the Order button and the Place an Order window will appear.

Fill out the information in the Place an Order window. Specify the brokerage fee (per side), buy or sell, quantity of contracts, symbol of contract, order type, and the price on the order. Help options are available to give instructions on the different types of orders.

When you place an order using the Order button in the My Account tab of the Control Panel, the Place an Order window will not be pre-filled. Use the Place Order button from the Accounting Toolbar to have more information pre-filled for you.

Click OK to place the order or Cancel to dismiss the order screen.

Editing an Unfilled Order

To edit an order on your chart, right-click the order on your chart and select Edit Order to view the Edit Futures Order window. You may only edit an order which has not yet filled into a position.

A Filled Order

When your order is filled, a new position triangle will appear filled in green for a buy or red for a sell on your chart. In the

My Account tab, the icon will fill green and an F will appear after the icon.

Red: Cancelled
Green: Filled
Yellow: Placed
White: Place in the future
Faded: Order exists, but was deleted from the chart
Gray: The chart that this order was placed on was deleted from the Chartbook

D: Deposit
B: Buy
S: Sell
W: Withdrawal

Orders are also noted on the commodity tab.

A gray ticket shows an unfilled order on the chart or all positions have closed.

A turquoise ticket shows a filled position with an overall long position.

A blue ticket shows a filled postion with an overall short position.