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Stats Chooser

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This is where you find all the performance statistics for the Autopilot system and settings. In this row you'll find such things as the number of trades and percentage that were winners vs. losers, you'll find repeated wins, losses, and their calculated ratios. You'll find biggest winning trades, biggest losing trades, as well as a number of other statistical results based on your chosen settings.

This row of statistics can be modified by right-clicking on the header and selecting "Column Setup" from within the right-click menu. This action will open a window that is full of different analytical results, choose just your favorites, or choose them all.

Column Setup

Column Setup Options
Column Description
No. RT Trades Number of round turn trades
Risk vs. Reward Risk versus reward
Repeated Wins Max number of repeated wins in a row
Repeated Losses Max number of repeated losses in a row
Max Draw ($) Largest single unrealized drawdown
Max Acct. Draw Max reduction on original principal balance
Biggest Win Largest single realized gain
Biggest Loss Largest single realized loss
Total Wins Total number of winning trades
Total Losses Total number of losing trades
Losing Days Total number of profitable trades
Total Fees ($) Total fees and/or commissions
Profit Factor Gross profit divided by gross loss
Expected Return The expected return in percentage
Return Volatility Standard Deviation (Sigma) Return Volatility
Sharpe Ratio The expected return divided by Volatility
Trades Needed The trades needed to be 99.9% accurate
% Gain Percent gain from initial balance
Closed P/L ($) Closed or realized profit or loss
Open P/L ($) Open or unrealized profit or loss
Total P/L ($) Total profit or loss