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Chart Timeframe Tabs

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The charts tabs are easily accessible below the chart for quickly changing from one chart timeframe to the next. This will change the current chart to the selected chart.

Example of Charts tabs:

Setup Chart Tabs:

These chart tabs can be customized to user defined time frames and types. Right-click on the chart tabs or from chart preferences click Setup Chart Timeframe & Increment Settings in the Chart Tabs section. 

Show Tab (1-6): Check to show the tab in the lower left below the indicator window. 

Minute Bars: Toggle to switch the tab to a minute type bar. Specify how many minutes per bar. 

Range Bars: Toggle to switch the tab to a range type bar. This is done by movement over a specified range of minimum movements (tics/pips). Once the bar has a left a range of the minimum movements specified it creates a new bar. See more here

Volume Bars: [Futures Only] Toggle to switch the tab to a Volume type bar. Volume bars build a new bar each time the volume reaches your specified amount. So for example, if you have a 500 volume bar, whenever the volume reaches 500 lots traded it moves to a new bar.