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File, View & Help Menus

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File Menu

File MenuNew: Closes the chartbook that is open and creates a new blank chartbook.

Open: Opens an already saved chartbook.

Save: Saves the chartbook you have open.

Save As: Saves the chartbook you have open as a new file, or over an existing file.

Remember Last Book: Select if you would like Track 'n Trade to automatically open your last saved charting file each time you log in.

Print: Prints the chart window.

Print Setup: Gives options for printing the chart window.

Recent File: Lists the last chartbooks that have been opened.

Manage Local Cache: Edit Cache history.

Manage Time Zone: View or alter the time zone used within Track 'n Trade.

Exit: Closes the program.

View Menu

View Menu

Hide Closed Positions: Hides any positions that have been closed.

Cursor Price: Shows statistics of where the cursor is on a chart in the Status Bar.

Last Price: Shows the last price information in the Status Bar.

Chart Window: Makes charts viewable in the chart window.

Web Window: Opens the Track 'n Trade Live website in the chart window.

Alert Email Setup: Opens the Alerts setup window.

Plug-in Status: Displays which plug-ins are activated in Track 'n Trade.

Sound Events: Choose which sounds to hear while the program is running. You can also turn off the sound here.

Commodity/Symbol Chooser: In Live Futures, this is called Commodity Chooser. In Live Forex, this is called Symbol Chooser. It gives you a list of commodities or symbols for you to include in your trading.

Toolbars: Choose which toolbars to display.

Control Panel Left Side: Select to move the Control Panel to the left-hand side of your screen.

Control Tab Descriptions: Disable to see only an icon for each tab in the Control Tab.

Dynamic Indicator Updates: Will cause indicators to update with every new quote, rather than once at the close of each new price bar. *Important* This setting can be very taxing on your computer and Track 'n Trade. Only enable while viewing a small list of charts. Disable if you experience software slowing.

Multiple Charts Mode: View all open charts at one time within the chart window. Uncheck to return to single chart view.

Show Drawing Tools: Hides or shows drawing tools.

Status Bar: Makes the Status Bar appear at the bottom of the program screen.


Help Menu

Help Menu

About TNT Live: Shows the version of Track ‘n Trade Live installed. About also shows what account you are currently signed in to.

Online Manual: Opens the online manual in your internet browser.

Video Tutorials: Opens our Video Tutorials web page in your internet browser.

Reset Questions: Reset notification or warning messages.

Revert to Factory Settings: Revert all Track 'n Trade settings to their default.

Account Manager: Log in to the Account Manager to change your personal information, order a new product, and monitor your data services.

Events: Takes you to the Gecko Software upcoming events web page.

Report a Problem/Feature: Shortcut to report a problem or request a new feature in Track 'n Trade.

Live Tech Support: Opens a window that explains how to receive technical support.