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Opening a Chart & Saving a Chart Book

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Just like a novel is made up of many single pages, a chart book contains many individual charts. Each chart book can contain several charts, with each individual chart becoming the "pages" of your chart book. Every time you open Track 'n Trade Live, a blank chart book named Untitled Book will open. You can either continue with this new chart book or open a chart book that has already been saved.

Opening a Chart

Forex: In the Charts tab right click on a currency pair and choose the time frame you want to open. If you just want a daily chart, you can double-click on the currency pair instead. You can change your list of currency pairs by clicking on "Symbol Chooser" at the top of the Charts tab.

Futures: In the Charts tab select from the drop-down menu (at first it will say Select Commodity) your desired commodity and then to the right select your desired contract month. Then click Open Symbol. After the chart is open you can switch time frames below the chart or by right-clicking on the chart in the Charts Tab. You can choose your available commodities by selecting Select Commodity from the commodity list.

Futures Spreads: In the Charts tab switch the top radio button from Futures to Futures Spreads. Then like in Futures select your desired commodities and contract months, the list of contracts available to choose will update based on your previous selections and what are exchange offered spreads. Then click Open Symbol.

For more information and images see the Charts Tab section.

Opening Multiple Charts

You can open multiple charts and view them one at a time by selecting them in the Charts tab, or you can view them at the same time. To do so choose Multiple Charts Mode from the View menu at the top of the software, or click on the multiple windows icon at the top right of the chart in between the close (x) and the minimize (_) chart buttons.  The charts will automatically adjust to fit into your Chart Window. You can move charts around by clicking and dragging the chart title to a new location within the multiple charts mode. Opening too many charts can slow down your computer. If you notice slowdowns in your system you may want to break up your charts into two chart books or more.

To maximize a chart, select the maximize button on the top right-hand corner of the chart, or turn off Multiple Chart Mode in the View drop-down menu (this will maximize the active chart).

To minimize a chart, select the minimize button on the top right-hand corner of the chart. This will not delete your chart or any notations or tools you have placed on it. It will only eliminate it from your chart window. These charts appear grayed out in the charts tab. To restore your chart, double-click on the name of the chart in the Control Panel Charts Tab list.

To close a chart and remove it from your list of charts, click the X on the top right-hand corner of your chart. This will delete any notation or technical tool you have drawn on the chart.

Saving Chart Books

Once you have opened all the charts you would like to save in a chart book there are two ways to save it. (1) You can click on the Save button found in the Basic Tools toolbar, or (2) you can choose File from the Menu Bar and select Save.

To save over or replace a chart book that has already been saved, select Save As from the File Menu, and select the chart book you want to save over. You can also save your current chart book as a different name to preserve a chart book before further modifications are made.

Track N' Trade will keep a list of recently opened books in the File drop-down Menu.

Opening a saved chart book: 

Choose Open from the File menu at the top of the software, or select the Open tool button in the Basic Tools toolbar. Then browse to your saved chart book. Or you can open up recently saved books from the File menu, it will list recent chart books below print.

Remember Last Book

If you want Track 'n Trade to open your last saved book, make sure to check Remember Last Book in the File menu. Every time you open Track 'N Trade Live in the future it will open your last saved book.

Opening a New Book

If you would like to create a new book you can click on the New document icon in the Basic Tools toolbar or click on New from the File drop-down menu. This will open a blank book that you can open up new charts and save them to a new book.


To print your Chart Window, select the Print button in your Basic Tools toolbar, or select Print from the File Menu. To print only one chart, maximize it in your Chart Window, then select print.