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Options Tab

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The Options tab may be viewed from the Control Panel on the right-hand side of the software. The Tab will appear as 'Options' with a turquoise and purple up/down arrow.

Once activated, your quick reference accounting information will be displayed at the top of the Options Tab. Here you will see your options profit/loss information along with required and available Margin. More information regarding your quick reference accounting information is available in the Trades Tab section.

Options Orders

You will have access to create new buy/sell call and put options using the Buy/Sell CALL and Buy/Sell PUT buttons. You may close this charts options by selecting the Exit CHART Opts button. To close all options orders, select Exit ALL Opts.

Options Contract

Your options contract month may be selected in the drop-down window provided left of the Int Rate (Interest Rate) button. Use this Window to choose your chosen option contract month. Bolded contracts are monthly options.


Strike Price

The lower section of the Options Tab will show you the current market values for each available Strike price. Puts and Calls are colored to match filled option orders on the chart. Options at the money are displayed in a different color that correlates to the Bid/Ask lines color of Chart Preferences. You may also place orders using this window by right-clicking on your desired Strike level. 

Columns: There are many columns in the Strike Price window for further Options analysis. Making the Options Tab wider will reveal these, or right-click on column titles and choose Column Setup. This will show the Options Strikes Table Column Chooser which includes short descriptions of each column and the option to turn on or off each of the columns. 

Puts, Calls, Both, ITM or OTM: Use this feature to the right of the Option Qty buttons to toggle the Strike Price window to show only Puts, Calls, Both puts and calls, In The Money options (puts and calls), or Out of The Money options.

Midpoint Fills

Options will fill by default at the current Bid/Ask (fastest fill). You may change this default to instead fill at the Bid/Ask Midpoint (better price). To apply this setting, right-click a Buy/Sell Call/Put button in the Options tab. The window on the left will appear and you may change to use the Midpoint price instead. You may also right-click the Exit CHART Opts and Exit ALL Opts to adjust this same feature for exiting trades.