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Standard Tools

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Pointer Tool: Default tool used for selecting tools and features in the software.

Hand Tool: Scrolling tool used in chart window. Click and drag a chart to scroll.

Crosshair Tool: Used to draw a line vertically and horizontally on a chart.

Line Tool: Used to draw support and resistance lines.

Multi Line Tool: Used to draw an alternating support and resistance line.

Arc Tool: Used to illustrate a rounded top or bottom formation.

Bar Calculator Tool: Measures the number of trading days vs. actual days that are between two points.

123 Tool: Used to chart a 123 top or bottom formation.

Head & Shoulders Tool: Used to chart a Head & Shoulders top or bottom formation.

Dart Tool: Used to chart a Dart/Blip up or down formation.

Wedge Tool: Used to identify any type of wedge or triangle.

Trend Fan Tool: Used to identify a Trend Fan.

Trend Channel Tool: Used to identify an inclining or declining channel.

Raff Regression Channel Tool: Used to identify an inclining or declining channel based on a regression line.

Horizontal Channel Tool: Used to identify a horizontal channel.

N% Ruler Tool: Used to measure a retracement. The default is 50%.

Arrow Tool: Used to draw arrows to help point out areas of interest.

Text Tool: Used to type text.

Box Tool: Used to draw a box.

Circle Tool: Used to draw a circle.

Dollar Calculator Tool: Used to find the dollar value between two points on the chart.

Risk vs. Reward Tool: Used to find the difference between two points of the risk and reward zone.

Center Chart Tool: Used to center the chart at the latest bar within the margin arrows.

Place Order Tool: Another method of placing orders, this tool uses the Order Placement dialog.

Heikin-Ashi (HA): Toggle Heikin-Ashi on/off. More information about Heikin-Ashi is available here.