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Basic Tools

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New: Closes your current chart book and opens a new chartbook.

Open: Closes your current chart book and opens a window for you to choose a previously saved chartbook.

Save: Saves your open charts into the current chart book, if using an unsaved book it will open the Save As... dialog.

Print: Prints the Chart Window.

Screen Capture: Saves your current chart view as an image. Holding down Alt while you click this button will save the chart and control panel to file. Ctrl-click will copy the screenshot to your clipboard (making it ready to paste). Ctrl-Alt-click will copy your chart window plus your control panel to your clipboard.

Symbol Chooser: Choose which symbols are in the Charts Tab.

  • Futures: Here you can add less common symbols or remove symbols to customize your charts list.
  • Forex: Typically there is a limit of 20 currency pairs you can be subscribed to. The Charts Tab will list all the checked currency pairs with their current quotes.

Alerts: Open preferences for Email/Text alerts. See the how to setup Email Alerts in Getting Started.