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File Menu

New: Closes the chartbook that is open and creates a new blank chartbook.
Open: Opens an already saved chartbook.
Save: Saves the chartbook you have open.
Save As: Saves the chartbook you have open as a new file, or over an existing file.
Print: Prints the chart window.
Print Setup: Gives options for printing the chart window.
Recent File: Lists the last eight chartbooks that have been opened.
Manage Local Cache: Edit Cache history.
Manage Pip Spreads (Forex only): Modifies pip spread.
Work Offline: Disconnects from the data feed. Exit: Closes the program.



View Menu

Hide Closed Orders: Hides any orders that have been closed.
Cursor Price: Shows statistics of where the cursor is on a chart in the Status Bar.
Last Price: Shows the last price information in the Status Bar.
Chart Window: Makes charts viewable in the chart window.
Web Window: Opens the Track 'n Trade High Finance web site in the chart window.
Status Bar: Makes the Status Bar appear at the bottom of the program screen.
Toolbars: Choose which toolbars to display.



Help Menu

About TNT HF: Shows the version of Track 'n Trade High Finance installed.
Online Manual: Opens the online manual in your chart window.
View EULA: View the End License User Agreement
Reset Questions: Reset notification warnings of deletions.
Report a Problem: Shortcut to reporting a bug or problem with the software.
Account Manager: Log-on to the Account Manager to change your personal information, order a new product, and monitor your data services.
Online Tech Support: Opens a window that explains how to receive technical support.