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System Setup

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Saving Autopilot Setup

Track 'n Trade has two different methods of saving. The primary method is to use the standard "Save" command within Track 'n Trade, which can be accessed by either clicking on the File drop-down menu, and selecting Save, or Save As, which gives you the option of saving your complete book for later retrieval; of course, clicking on the floppy disk icon from the button bar will also allow you to save your file to disk. Each file you save will contain all open charts and all settings for those open charts.

The second method of saving is for saving the Autopilot settings individually. This save method is located within the Autopilot windows itself, and although saving a book file as mentioned before will also save all the associated autopilot settings for each chart, this method of saving is used for the purpose of saving autopilot settings that can then be applied to any other individual chart. 

The first item listed in the Autopilot control panel is the control that allows us to save and retrieve your Autopilot Settings. If you've not saved any system settings, this drop-down box will be empty. Very simply, once you’ve selected all of your settings in the Autopilot, you can save those settings by clicking the "New" button. Once you click the New button, you receive a box where you then name your strategy. You can also click the "Default Strategy" button, which will make this strategy the one that opens up as the default for each new open chart. If you make any changes, simply hit the "Save" button and it will save the new changes, and of course, clicking the Delete button will delete the saved profile.

*Important* The System Setup section will not save the indicator settings used within the chart window. You will need to write this information down to manually enter in your indicator values when opening saved system strategies. To save your complete Autopilot settings along with your open charts and indicator values, save your work through the Track 'n Trade File menu > Save.