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Email Alert Preferences

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Chart Alert Preferences

To activate email alerts, check the box labeled Use Email/Text Alerts.

Buy/Sell Signals: Activate to receive an alert each time a new buy or sell signal is generated within the chart window.

Order Place: Receive an alert whenever a new order has been placed within the chart.

Order Filled: Receive an alert if an order has filled within the chart.

Order Closed: Receive an alert if an order is closed for within this chart.

Add open P/L to message: Include the current profit loss of the trade alert for each closed order.

Add account balance to message: Include the current account balance with each closed order alert received.

Target Price (Audible only): Activate to set a target price alert within the chart.

Send Email/Text: Activate to receive an email alert when a target price is reached.

Show on screen price marker: Display an onscreen price marker for the set target price. This will appear as a horizontal line at the target price entered.
*Note - After a target price has triggered, the now deactivated price marker line will remain within the chart window. Simply drag and drop this line to a new price to reactivate that Target Price Marker within your chart window.

Second Target Price (Audible only): Activate a second target price alert.



Example of On Screen Price Markers









In this example, target price one has not yet triggered and appears as a white line within the chart window. The second target price has triggered and the line now appears in yellow on the chart. The second target price marker may be dragged and dropped to a new location to activate a new target price marker within the chart.