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Spreads Tab

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Spreads Tab

Quote Window and Accounting information are available in the Trades Tab section.

Order Qty: Here you select how many contracts you wish to create while using any of the order creation buttons listed below. You may type the order quantity into the window, click the up/down arrows to incrementally change the quantity or you may click the quick order quantity buttons: 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 / 15/ 20.

To learn about the red/green Buy(B)/Sell(S) button, open the Place Order Button section. To learn about the clock face button, open the Time Release Order Button section.

STOP / LIMIT: Will attach a stop/limit order to your cursor as you move your mouse back into the chart window. Left-click within the chart window to create a new stop/limit order at the price selected.

Buy MKT / Sell MKT: Will create a new order to either buy or sell at the current market value.

Exit CHART: Will close all open orders in the symbol you are currently viewing, in Multi-Chart mode, verify symbol that is listed in the Quote Window.

Exit ALL: Panic button or just to end trading for the day, Exit ALL will close all orders(pending and filled), across all markets, immediately.

Legs Detail: Will display the current buy market order details for your open spread chart. If you select to place a Stop, Limit or Q-OCO 3/4, this section will automatically update as you move your order placement cursor within the chart window.