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Accounting Control Panel

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The Accounting Control Panel will appear in the lower left-hand corner of your Track 'n Trade Live software.

The Autopilot button may be selected to switch to the Autopilot Control Panel. You may return from the Autopilot by selecting the Accounting button in the same location.

The Start Trading button is used by the Autopilot to begin automated live trading. It is not necessary to click this button before manually trading any market.

Account Number: Will list which account you are currently trading. You may select the account name to toggle between multiple accounts when available. The Account Number listed will determine which account you are currently trading within Track 'n Trade.

Account Statement: Select this button to view your Account Statement online. This is available only while viewing a real money trading account.

Pending Orders

Pending Orders: Will display all orders which have not yet filled. This will include unfilled stop/limit orders, time release orders, and OCO orders.











Open Positions

Open Positions: Will display all positions which are filled and actively being traded within your account.











Closed Positions

Closed Positions: Will display all positions which were filled and then closed out of the market. This section will also display any orders which were rejected by the clearing house.

Track 'n Trade will store your closed orders information for as long as the software remains open. If you close and reopen Track 'n Trade, you will only see all closed orders since the previous market close.






Filter Trades

You may filter your trades list by right-clicking on any chart column such as Symbol, Name.

The default Filter: Show all will display orders from all contracts.

Your next option will be to display only the trades for the chart opened in the chart window.

The last Filter option will show all trades for the base symbol, and not just the contract opened within the chart window.

The "Current" options will determine how you want the Current column to list the market price.

The Column Chooser (*Futures only) may be selected to alter which columns are displayed within the Accounting Control Panel for that specific Pending, Open or Closed Orders section.

The Orders Column Chooser window includes a description of each column available, along with a check-box to activate/deactivate each.

After editing your list, click OK to save your new default Columns.