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Control Panel

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The Track 'n Trade Control Panel is on the left side of your screen. It includes six tabs: Charts, Account, Reports, Preferences, Data, and Notes.


Charts Tab

In the Charts Window you will see all the symbols you have opened, the name of the chart, and the change in price of that chart since it opened. To view a specific chart at full screen, double click on the symbol in your Charts Window, or right-click on the symbol and select Open Chart. To delete a chart select it in your Charts Window and hit the delete button on your keyboard, or right-click on the symbol and select Delete Chart. The more charts you open, the slower your computer will run. Note: If you find your computer running slow, you may need to break your charts into two or more chartbooks.


Account Tab

The Chart Quote Window shows a history of quotes. Customize this window by adjusting the Show Change Form to show the change from the Previous Price Bar, Previous Day, or Previous Quote. Order Placement: Displays details of the order you are placing. The time, date, and market you are buying are determined by the date your chart is played to and what market you have open. Once your order is placed, it will not show in your Accounting Simulator until the order is filled. Locally Held Order: This type of order is temporarily held locally at your computer. It is only sent as an actual order when the markets meet the proper conditions of your order. Locally held orders are only available in the Forex version of Track 'n Trade. Trailing Stop: You can only select this option on a Stop Order. It will follow an open position and protect profits by trailing a market rise or decline. You can choose to set your Trailing Stop by Dollar amount, Price Bars Back, or by following the PSAR or Zig Zag indicators. Account Overview: View a detailed overview of your current symbol. Includes the ticker symbol, exchange, open/close data, and much more. The account Statement button will give you access to a detailed tabulation of your account history.




Under Report Type, select the Exchange you would like to get a statistical report from. Then select the statistical report you are interested in under Specific Report. There are 10 reports available that highlight different statistical findings. For example, you can select to see the most actively traded market that is trading higher or lower, or bring up the market that is creating the most news. The information is based on the current day's trading information.




Preferences Tab

The Preferences Tab will help you customize how your chart, and information on it, looks. It will also show the options for customizing Technical Tools and Indicators. There are many different features found on the Preferences Tab.






Data Tab

The Data Tab will give you the historical data for each day a specific symbol has traded. It will give you the open price, close price, highest price, and lowest price on the day. It will also show the volume traded. You have the option to print the data for your records, or export the data for use another way. Also, values for indicators are added when the indicator is open.






The Notes tab is for your convenience to use as a note pad for your research and trading strategy. A separate note pad is provided for each chart.