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Bull's 'n Bears, Red Green Light (BNB) Overlay

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Bulls ‘n Bears is the first trading system designed for Track ‘n Trade Live users. This trading system includes easily usable tools to see if the market is bullish or bearish. Bulls ‘n Bears allows you to change the sensitivity of the system according to your trading style; whether you are an aggressive trader or a more traditional trader.

With the Bulls ‘n Bears Red Light, Green Light, Blue Light trading method/system you have simple to understand entry and exit signals displayed visually on the chart.

Bearish Market Example

Red Light (Bearish Trend)

Indicates the beginning of a bearish trend, and that the contract has started to move downward, identifying a possible short entry point.

Bullish Market Example

Green Light (Bullish Trend)

Indicates the trend of a market has begun to move upward, identifying a possible long entry point.

Neutral Market Example

Yellow Lights (Neutral or Sideways Trend)

Indicates the trend of the market has entered a sideways or neutral time frame.

Bullish Market Sells Example

Blue Lights (Stop Loss Placement)

The Parabolic stop is used within the Bulls ‘n Bears system as the key point for managing your stop loss risk while trading, helping you to identify exit and stop loss placement points after entering a trade.