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Strike Price (STRK)

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This indicator also displays the theoretical option values versus the actual option price value. However; this indicator displays them as two lines. By looking at these two lines you are able to determine if the option price is under or over priced.

Example of the STRK in the Indicator Window


Open the Preference tab from the Control Panel on the left of your screen. Click on the Indicator Information Display to scroll through the different Indicators you have open until you get to STRK. The preferences will appear in the Control Panel. (Once you click on the chart, the Preference tab will go back to chart settings.)

Restore Settings: TNT Default will change your settings back to the original software settings. My Default will change current settings to your personalized default settings. Apply To All Charts will apply your selected settings on all open charts. Save As My Default will save your current personal settings.

Strike Price: Choose the color, line style, and line thickness of your Black and Scholes Theoretical and Reported Market Value lines.

Strike Price: Enter the price you would like to use.

Thresholds: View up to four thresholds at a value that you type in and a color that you choose.