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OS Calculator

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The OS Calculator determines profit/loss on an option or option strategy. Click on the Calc button to open. Click on the Add New button to add an option order to the calculator and the Option Order window will open. Specify the details of the options order and click OK to add the order to the calculator.

The options order details have now been added to your option strategy list on the left side of the OS Calculator and the Profitability Graph of the Option Expiration is available on the right side.

Modify/Delete Orders

Select the order you would like to change and click the Modify Selected button. To delete orders from the calculator, click on the order and click the Delete button.

Place Orders

To place the orders from the calculator on the underlying futures chart, click the Place Order(s) button or Cancel to exit the Options Strategy Calculator.

The Profitability of Option Strategy at Expiration

The OS Calculator enables you to enter an Option Strategy to see the potential profit/loss of that strategy/order.