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Options Tab

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The Options tab is located in the Control Panel after the Spreads tab. It looks like a blue up arrow and purple down arrow. When you first click on the Options tab, it defaults to the "Date View" which contains the options data available.

Open the corresponding futures chart in the Commodity tab for the options pricing that you are interested in viewing. You will notice that the Options tab is now populated with values.





Strike: The price at which the futures contract underlying an option is to be bought or sold upon exercise.
Type: Type of options order, Put or Call.
Premium: Value (in points) to purchase the option.
Theoretical: Black & Scholes theoretical value of the option strike. More information available here.
$Value: Dollar amount for the premium value.
Change: The difference between yesterday's and today's strike.
Diff: Dollar amount for the Change.
IVol: Implied Volatility of the underlying futures contract.
Delta: Measures how much the options price changes when the underlying futures contract changes by one point.
Gamma: Measures how much the delta changes when the underlying futures contract changes by one point.
Theta: Measures time decay of an option.
Vega: Measures how a change in volatility affects the price of an option when all other factors remain the same.
Rho: Measures how a change in a short-term risk free interest rate affects the price of an option.
Note: If you do not have a contract open, the only item available in Options Tab is the Interest Rate History.

When you purchase the Options Plug-in, An Options section will be added to your My Account tab in the Control Panel. Placed options orders will also be listed in the My Account tab.