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Data Downloads

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Before you can look at any charts, you need to download the specific commodities that you would like to view. The data download utility in Track 'n Trade 5.0 is simple to use. Easily control the commodities that you download with the Commodity Chooser and keep current with Data Download.

Commodity Chooser

You can bring up the commodity chooser window by selecting the Commodity Chooser button from your Main toolbar, selecting Commodity Chooser... from your View menu, or clicking Click to Choose a Commodity from the dropdown menu in the Commodity tab of your Control panel.


In this window, you can select which commodities you would like to download.

The options data is only available if you own the Options Plug-in and the Futures & Options Data Subscription service.

Remember, you can open this window often and download more commodities in the future. If you would like to select or deselect all commodities, click on the + or - button at the end of each column.

Note: Saved Chartbooks containing charts from commodities that you have removed from the Chart Window will not be affected by the Commodity Chooser. This utility will not delete data from your hard drive. The Commodity Chooser will only hide the commodity from the Commodity tab and from the daily data downloads.