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Common Candlestick Terminology

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The following is a list of some individual candlestick terms. It is important to realize that many formations occur within the context of prior candlesticks. What follows is merely a definition of terms, not formations.

The Black Candlestick -- the close is lower than the open.

The White Candlestick -- the close is higher than the open.

The Shaven Head -- a candlestick with no upper shadow.

The Shaven Bottom -- a candlestick with no lower shadow.

Spinning Tops -- candlesticks with small real bodies. When appearing within a sideways choppy market, they represent an equilibrium between the bulls and the bears. They can be either white or black.

Doji Lines -- candlesticks with no real body, but instead have a horizontal line. This represents when the Open and Close are the same or very close. The length of the shadow can vary.