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It’s long been said, “Where Systems Fail, Methods prevail.”  This phrase has long been the standing order of business here at Gecko Software, so why now would we change our thoughts on this matter, and come out with a System Execution Autopilot Package?

Very simply put, our Autopilot is more than just a simple trading system, it was developed with the individual trader in mind, and with the mindset that trading methods are more powerful and more profitable that trading systems alone.

Traditionally speaking, a trading system has been a mechanically computerized method of buying and selling each time you receive a signal from an indicator.  Most “systems” are designed around a traditional indicator, and are as simple as buying each time you receive a buy signal, and selling each time you receive a sell signal.  This style of system trading has, in the past, proven to be the downfall of many otherwise would-be successful traders.  Simply jumping into a market each time you get a buy signal and jumping back out each time you get a sell signal is a sure fire way of giving up your holdings to someone else.

It is for this purpose that we here at Gecko Software have created the Autopilot system trading platform in such a fashion that we integrate the advantages of system trading, with the advantages of method trading, allowing the Track ‘n Trade Autopilot to automatically execute your own personal trading methodology, not just a simple trading system.

You can interact with the Autopilot system using it's control panel to change and modify settings, and the preformance backtesting view to review the results.