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The ability to play charts forward and backward, using the Play Controls, gives you the ability to go back in time and simulate the trading experience using historical data.

Note: This toolbar is located to the right of the chart. 

Green Play ControlsYellow Play Controlls

Red Play ControllsLocked Play Controlls

(Green) Play to End: All Charts: Displays all available data on both
saved and new charts that are selected.
(Yellow) Play to End: New charts: Displays all available data on new charts only.
(Red) Play to End: Never: Displays the first bar only for each chart. Use the Play controls to move forward in the chart's history.
(Lock) Lock charts to date: Last bar displayed is equal to last for chart when the lock is selected.

Play Controlls Beginning
: Moves to the first day in the chart.
Reverse 28 steps
Reverse Step 28
: Moves back 28 price bars and stops.

Reverse Step 1
: Moves back 1 price bar and stops.

: Plays chart backwards quickly.

: Plays chart backwards one tick at a time.

: Stops any play buttons.

: Plays chart forward one tick at a time.

Fast Forward
: Plays chart forward quickly.

Step 1
: Moves forward 1 price bar and stops.

Step 28
: Moves forward 28 price bars and stops.
Moves to the last day in the chart.