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Time Release Order Button

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Time Release Order Button -(Futures Only)

The Time Release Order Placement Button will appear within your Trade Tab as a clock face.

To create a time-released order, simply left-click this button.







Time Release Order Placement Dialog

Once you have selected the Time Release Order Button, you may select to create a Buy or Sell order by selecting the bullet point in front of Buy or Sell.

Adjust your order quantity(Qty) by entering the number directly within the Qty window, or by clicking up or down in the Qty window.

The Order Type will appear as a Market (MKT) order by default, with your current market price shown within the Rate window.

Check the box in front of Release to create your order placement timer. You may then select what calendar date and time to place the trade in your market. *Note - Orders must have a release time during market hours to be accepted by the clearing house. Check your Key Tab for market hours and ensure that you are placing the trade during regular trading hours.

Click OK to create the order within your chart.

Cancel will be used to cancel orders that do not fill after a certain period of time. This will primarily be used with the addition of stop and limit entry orders in the near future.