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Time Restraints / Exit Price Bars Before Close

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Time Restraints are used to specify a time when the Autopilot will and will not take trades.

By specifying a Start Time, you are telling the Track ‘n Trade Autopilot to begin taking trades at or after the specified time.

By specifying an end time, you are telling the Autopilot when to stop taking new trades.

By selecting the days of the week, you are telling the autopilot which days you will accept new trades.

NOTE: just because you told the Autopilot not to accept new trades on a specific day, or time, does not mean that the autopilot stops trading.  The Autopilot will continue to manage all open trades, during these timeframes.

Exit X Price Bars Before Close specifies when we want the Autopilot to actually close out trades.  By specifying a number in this field, which can be Q-Calc’ed to help make the best determination, you are telling the Autopilot to calculate the best number of price bars prior to the close to exit the trade.

For example, if you were trading a five-minute chart, and you specified that you wanted to exit five price bars prior to the close of the market, you would be exiting the market 25 minutes prior to the close.

FOREX SPECIAL NOTE: Although Forex is traded 24 hours a day, it actually does have a close time of 5:00 pm Eastern time, therefore if you turn on this feature within Forex, it will exit your trade X number of price bars prior to 5:00 pm Eastern.