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Simulation Tools

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The following Simulation Tools will help you simulate your trading experience on your chart.

Buy/Sell: Select and left-click in chart to place stop order, right-click to place limit order.
Autofollow Mode: (Green) Plays your open charts with incoming data.
Simulation Mode: (Red) Activates Play Controls
Play to Date: Play all charts to a certain date.
Beginning: Moves to the first day in the chart.
Reverse Step 28: Moves back 28 price bars and stops.
Reverse Step 1: Moves back 1 price bar and stops.
Rewind: Plays chart backwards quickly.
Play: Plays chart backwards one tick at a time.
Stop: Stops any play buttons.
Play: Plays chart forward one tick at a time.
Fast Forward: Plays chart forward quickly.
Step 1: Moves forward 1 price bar and stops.
Step 28: Moves forward 28 price bars and stops.
End: Moves to the last day in the chart.