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Order Properties

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Restore Settings: Click on "TNT Default" if you would like to see or restore original software settings. Click on "My Default" to return to your personalized default settings. Click on "Apply To All Charts" if you would like to see your selected settings on all open charts. Click on "Save As My Default" to save your personal settings. All charts opened from the time you save your settings will have those specific settings applied to them.

Line: Choose the color, style, and thickness of the line.

Not Filled/Filled: Choose the color of the arrow on your order for each status.

Font: From here you have the ability to change the size, font, and color of the text.

Show Text: Check box if you want the order text to show on your chart.

Position Arrows

You can view your orders in the Charts tab of your Control Panel. Under the Position label, you will see an arrow and a number. The number accounts for how many orders you have in the market. The arrow will be red or green and pointing up or down.

Red: You are losing money
Green: You are making money
Up: You are going long
Down: You are going short