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007 - Double 07 Indicator

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The Double 07 is an additional indicator included in the Spreads Plug-in. The premise behind the 007 indicator is to quickly visualize differences in the spread contract prices over the same commodity.

By charting the different contracts you are able to see “inversions points” (points where the future contracts cross over the front month contract). These inversions points can be used in combination with other indicators to help identify market entry points.


To turn on the 007 indicator the spreads plug-in must first be owned. To see if you own the spreads plug-in you can select the help option from the menu and select “About Track ‘n Trade” If the spreads plug-in is owned you will see “ON” next to spreads in the plug-in section. Turning 007 on can be done easily by right clicking on in the indicator window and selecting 007 (Double O7), or by selecting the 007 from the indicator selector at the bottom of the software window. (Figure 1)

Figure 1

Figure 2


In the preference tab (figure 2) by default the next 7 available contracts after the contract month commodity you are viewing will be selected. If there are only four different contracts then all four will be selected and shown. You can change the color, line weight, and line type for each of the contracts selected.

Chart as Difference: Chart the difference in the contract prices. The contract you are viewing becomes the zero (0.00) line and each of the other contracts is charted by the difference in price from that month’s price. As the lines contract they are relatively priced close together. When they cross the zero line the market is considered inverted. (figure 3)

Invert Formula: Show the 007 indicator inverted.






Figure 3