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Track 'n Trade 5.0 generates weekly and monthly long-term charts from more than 30 years of historical data. Open the chart you would like to view as a long term chart. The chart is automatically set to open as a daily chart for the month you specified. Click on the appropriate button to the right of the chart window to view a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Long Term chart.

Center Chart: Centers the chart in your chart window how it is right now. Clicking on this button will not autoscale your chart if you play it forward or backward.
Daily Chart: Sets your current chart so each price interval represents one day.
Long Term Daily: Sets your current chart as daily, but includes all available data.
Long Term Weekly: Sets each price interval as one week.
Long Term Monthly: Sets each price interval as one month.

Comparison of Chart Ticks

Chart Price Interval Represents Open High Low Close
Daily One Day Day's Open Day's High Day's Low Day's Close
Weekly One Week 1st Day's Open High for the Week Low for the Week Last Day's Close
Monthly One Month 1st Day's Open High for the Month Low for the Month Last Day's Close

When you click on the Daily Long Term button, the new chart will open in the chart window. The chart will also be listed as a new chart in your control panel under Active Charts. The symbol will be generated by using the commodity symbol followed by a dollar sign and LD for Long term Daily (Example: Cotton #2 would be CT$LD). Weekly Long Term and Monthly Long Term symbols will be generated the same way with commodity symbol, a dollar sign, and the month letter followed by LW for weekly or LM for monthly (Example: Cotton #2 for Long Term Monthly would look like CT$VLM).


Examples of Long Term Charts using Cotton #2

Long Term Daily

Long Term Weekly

Long Term Monthly