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Selecting Indicators

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Autopilot steps taken before creating a trade:

  • Check Primary Indicator signal
  • Check Conditional Indicator signal within the bars specified
  • Check that signal occurs within Time Restraints
  • Check Thrust Signal Prevention
  • Check Inactive Market Signal Prevention
  • Check Take X Positions - Create both long and short orders. Create only long orders. Create only short orders. Create long/short orders based on the Trend indicator signal.

After all these user defined filters agree, only then will the Autopilot create a new order to enter the market.

The indicator drop down list provides you with a list of available indicators for the active chart. If this box is blank, or does not have the indicator that you want, it’s because you have not yet turned on the indicator from within Track ‘n Trade for the selected chart.

To turn on an indicator within Track ‘n Trade, right click on the screen, and click “Chart Overlay,” or “Add Indicator Window.”

To change the settings of an indicator, click the “Preferences Tab.” If the settings pertaining to your particular indicator are not displayed, then simply click on the indicator in the lower panel, or click the preferences tile in the lower right corner of the price column, any changes made to the indicator will be immediately reflected in the Autopilot’s lower statistical performance analysis window.

You can also select a “Conditional Indicator” from its corresponding drop down menu. Again, it must be active on the selected chart before it will appear in the analysis window; any indicator within Track ‘n Trade that creates buy/sell signals in the chart can be used as a “Conditional Indicator.” The rule for applying the conditional indicator to your trading strategy is as follows:

If your conditional indicator creates any arrow in the same buy/sell direction as the primary indicator's latest arrow, within (-) minus bars back or (+) plus bars forward of the bar that has the primary indicators' arrow, then Track ‘n Trade will proceed with determining whether to execute a trade.