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Loss Recovery

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Loss Recovery is a tool used to try and reduce the amount of money the overall account incurs because of an individual loss.

Once a loss has been incurred, the Autopilot Loss Recovery tool will automatically calculate based on the system current settings, how many contracts would need to be traded to recover the loss, and within how many trades.  Once the market hits the price point specified by your limit or take profit order, your losses should be recovered.

If you don’t have enough money in your account to cover the margin needed to recover your loss, the Autopilot will ignore this setting, and continue trading at the regularly specified quantity.

CAUTION:  This feature can require a large amount of margin to recover your losses, make sure to test your theory thoroughly with and without the Loss Recovery system invoked, and use care and calculation when using this feature.  Trying to recover several losers in a row may cause a significant draw-down of your account, possibly invoking a margin call.