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Exit If Feature

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This section is used to close out an open trade early, if it is profit/loss meet specific values after so many price bars (time), or if a reversal primary indicator signal or Bulls 'n Bears neutral bar appears.

Exit if profit is less than is used to cut your losers short, and to get Track 'n Trade back to the business of trading. Sometimes, an open trade may stay open for an extremely long period of time, neither reaching up to touch your take profit price, nor reaching down to hit your stop loss order. When this happens, it often seems that the open trade is keeping the system from taking what might otherwise be additional profitable trades. By selecting this feature you can tell the Autopilot to exit the trade if it is not showing promise within a certain number of price bars.
Exit if profit is greater than is used to take your profit and run. If you find that an order is up a certain amount after a period of time, you may tell the Autopilot to take this profit and then wait for another signal to enter the market.
Exit on Signals initially will be checked upon first using the autopilot. This will exit open trades on a reverse signal of the primary indicator (conditional indicator signal filters are not used by Exit on Signals).
Exit on Bulls 'n Bears Neutral Bars [if using Bulls 'n Bears Overlay as the Primary indicator]. Autopilot will exit your position on the next neutral bar of Bulls 'n Bears.