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The Accounting & Simulator Plug-In enables you to place orders, deposits, and withdrawals using historical and/or current data. Traders will find this Plug-in very helpful in getting to know the markets and testing different trading strategies. This Plug-in also allows you to play charts forward and backward using play buttons. This is called simulation.


In order to place futures orders or simulate trading using Track 'n Trade 5.0, you will need to purchase the Accounting and Simulator Plug-In. Call us at 1-800-862-7193 to reach the sales department and order the plug-in today!

Placing a Futures Order

Once you have opened a chart using the Commodity tab in the Control Panel, you are ready to place an order. There are two ways in which an order can be placed in Track 'n Trade 5.0: the Place Order tool on the Account Toolbar or the Order button in the My Account tab of the Control Panel.